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Last Visit

Congratulations! If you've followed the above weight loss program, you should have lost 15 to 20 pounds. Continue to follow our weight loss program to lose weight, live longer, and avoid the chronic diseases that go with aging.

Monthly or Bi-Monthly Visit

  • Weight and body fat index
  • - Blood pressure
  • - Injections can be done once a week or once a month
  • - Consultation on exercise and nutrition
  • This step is incredibly important since the majority of patients need continuous monitoring to maintain their weight loss. During this phase of the program, continued nutritional and exercise instruction will be provided.

Weekly or Bi-Weekly Visits

      •  -Weight and body fat index
      • - Blood pressure
      • - Weekly or bi-weekly injection
      • - Nutritional and exercise counseling
      • - Resistance to weight loss
    • This is a transitional step. You will be instructed on maintaining the nutritional program. More emphasis will be placed on increasing your activity level and making a permanent lifestyle change to a more healthy and nutritional diet.

First Visit

  • -CBC
    • - Complete metabolic and lipid profile
    • - Blood Pressure
    • - EKG
    • - Weight and body fat analysis
    • - Medication (This program typically requires one drug but occasionally requires an additional one.)
    • - Injection of vitamin B12 (vitamin B6 as well, if needed)
    • - Set weight loss goal
    • - Weight loss resistance